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Messaggio  kun21 Mer Nov 09, 2011 10:03 am

UGG Brooks Boots The first ancient emperor celestial masters, can in one day struck down can escape xing life xi stem, at this moment like a old dog, be party in hand cold mention, David live. Party cold body, big burly, AngCang such as yue, xi stem to tall than a times, power is abundant, and the ambition is very, seem to grasp the truth of the emperor. Since he put "the truth" king "the nature" king "origin fairy king" of the three great god boxing have been calculated, melting in a furnace, mana skywards again, reached a point of speculation is yourself. But he is very clear, oneself from the day your way how far the solid is step by step forward, now every do one thing for promotion day king, laying the foundation of the most vigorous.
"Judge gun, xi stem I have been captured, can't you think, you also can run away? I have here, even days completely blocked jun 1:30 all not know what was born here, all the sinews of bo move, not to go out, don't you transfer to do a trapped beast?" Party a cold xi stem live David, stand in the sky, head appeared a lot of heaven and earth and its frame, the vanity completely blocked, the judge mind-blowing gun hit, all can't break barriers, jumping out. He also so looking at trial gun jump up and down, motionless, as in HouXi look like, cold from voice. "Give me the broken!" Judge gun out of the way way gun shadow, wants the vanity rent, but vanity is like crystal wall general, his head on the assassination in a series of the light and sound. The shock strength, come over, make whole body all hemp guns of judgment.
UGG Foxfur Boots It is not possible to see their survive, judge the guns of shrinking all mana, still into a tall man, and the party to the cold: "the cold! I regret, I really regret, there had been no determined to put you to death, now makes you so widespread." "This world without regret. You can eat yao not kill me, now it's my turn to kill you. But you should be most regret thing is against me, and if we had not against me, there is no death, now is the fruit of this day, it is better for all of all, have the cause,." Party large frame at the trial of the gun, as if watching a little worm. "Damn!" Judge gun pale face: "the cold, you had to think, you do what is the consequence that. You kill me and then cut, xi stem and killed two honour the celestial tallest leadership, day king will wake up, you provided the dangerous and clinking! Destroy in danger in between."
UGG Sheepskin Cuff Boots "Is it? So pressure, just my motivation." Party cold complexion has no facial expression, "so the growth of the pressure, I will be more newsletter, as long as a work day, what all solved prince, and end the king, had already broken the seals, wake up, he is my guardian. Don't forehead also want how, you have to consider their own safety. "You! You break the TianTiao, profane, is not possible creation to the king day promotion." Judge gun roared repeatedly: "I will judge you, let you in eternal judgment in, accept the punishment." "Violation of TianTiao blasphemed?? Which is the creation of celestial TianTiao formulated? The truth of the holy land, the forehead or the forehead! Origin dynasty or bowels of the forces? Now the creation of the forehead, create the king shall perish, and the holy father, king came to end the king also quickly awaken, the truth of the holy land (now one hundred thousand of the big states against the plunder branches now. Forehead exist in name only."
The judge looked at the party gun, everything under control, to the enemy, and he will mercilessly humiliation, and spake, step by step, the palm appeared on a green and gold of the Yin and Yang of fish tai chi graphics. Hisui Catholic, yuan the breath of god from above gold j ī shoot out. The trial of the gun, crackdown. "Oh! This is, this is the truth of the holy land, legends, one of the ten big Catholic emerald god, god, you incredibly day gold kill them, refining into doctrine! You......." judge gun a look, the whole body is in a state of dull, seems to be scared silly. Tai chi god figure was down oppression, guns of blasting trial again, whole body the essence, the martial way into gun meaning, to break the tai chi.
But the party cold five fingers open again, a virtual pressure, big a millstone pledge town, the whole body of the kingdom of the crystal is brilliant blossom a sacred light. Judge gun all of the martial way moves were a shattered, the whole people drop ground, into the tall man of authority, but now he's all his majesty, just as it is a morally, do not have completely the judgment ability. Once, dominate forehead trial, don't know how much the judge emperor, the ancient emperor, to gain entrance, barbarian, the protoss................ The heavens in the world of all the WangPinXian first, but it has become a crackdown by the dead dog.


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